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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

What geographic regions do you serve?

We serve individuals and entities with property, businesses, or contracts executed within California and Washington states.

What size businesses do you represent?

Our typical business clients range from sole practitioners to small companies with less than a hundred employees, but we provide legal services to companies of all sizes.

Why choose a boutique firm?

Unlike larger firms, we offer a personalized, hands-on approach for each client. Not only will you be represented by one attorney who has extensive training and experience (versus multiple associates and clerks with varying levels of experience), you will also have direct access to your attorney and response times will be prompt. Our billing practices are efficient and transparent, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients' experience. You are our highest priority and we will only work to serve your best interests.

Do you represent clients through litigation?

At this time, Carucci Legal provides transactional and pre-litigation legal services. This means that we conduct research, review/draft contracts and other documents, and advise clients on compliance with laws and regulations, with the ultimate goal of avoiding litigation. We represent our clients through the settlement process, including mediation if necessary. Should your case require litigation at any point, we can help transition it to outside counsel. In some cases, we may also act as co-counsel with an attorney who specializes in litigation or coordinate with outside counsel throughout.

Why do I need an initial consultation?

For real estate clients seeking dispute resolution services or general legal advice, please request a consultation through our website. Our goal is to provide you with an objective review and analysis of your case, your options, your legal rights, and the pros and cons of each avenue so that you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed, even if that means not retaining counsel.

Why should I pay for an initial consultation?

Unlike us, some firms do not charge an initial consultation fee, preferring instead to use this time to convince you that you need to retain their services. However, many clients simply need information about their options/rights and the cost-benefits of each. We believe our time, and yours, is valuable, and we make a concerted effort to be efficient and laser focused during our consultations. We spend the necessary time reviewing the relevant documents and learning your side of the story. Charging our clients a consultation fee ensures that we can provide unbiased legal guidance and the most cost-effective approach to handling your matter, even if that means advising you to avoid retaining counsel.

How do you invoice/how do I pay my bill?

For paid real estate consultations, payments are due prior to the scheduled consultation time. You will receive an email with a link to view and pay your bill online. ACH/E-Check is the preferred form of payment though we accept most major credit cards. For all other bills, we ask that you pay via check.

Do you require a retainer?

Assuming your matter requires ongoing legal services and depending on the complexity of your legal requirements, a reasonable retainer fee may be required. Invoices would be paid by retainer funds until a request for refill. After an initial consultation, we will have a better understanding of your legal needs moving forward. We require check payment for all retainers (unless otherwise stated in your fee agreement).

Do you hold in-person consultations and meetings?

We operate remotely whenever possible, either through phone calls or Zoom online meetings. This tends to be the most cost effective and prudent method for our clients (and complies with health & safety guidelines). When required, we will meet in-person with clients and counsel.

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